Ski Rack Vs Cargo Box mpg’s

17 01 2011

So, question is… What is the more fuel efficient way to carry my skis and snowboards up the mountain?  Is a fancy low profile ski rack the answer, or could a cargo box get me better fuel economy?

Well, I have tried both options on two different vehicles and I will tell you a Cargo Box gives you more mpg’s.

On my Maxima I was able to get 25mpg with no rack at all, when I added a Yakima Fat Cat 6, loaded with skis I got approx 20mpg, this is the lowest profile ski rack on the market, and don’t get me wrong, it is an excellent ski/board rack .  Switching to a Thule Spirit Cargo Box my mileage jumped to 22mpg’s in the Maxima, a noticeable increase from the ski rack.   To double check the fact here I also ran the test on my Grand Cherokee.  I was able to get 17mpg with the cargo box vs 11.5mpg with the Yakima Fat Cat.  A huge savings on an SUV.  The other advantages of a cargo box are that my all my gear is completely protected from the elements and I’m able to use the box for much more than just skis and boards.  I can put my camping gear in it and use it for road trips, etc.

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Volvo V70 R with Thule Top Track Roof Rack and Spirit Cargo Box

18 05 2009

Volvo V70R w 72in Tracks, RB 43s, Spirit

The Volvo V70  is one of the most popular  cars in Colorado.  Rack Attack is proud to show off one of the most beautiful rack fits for it.  Both Thule and Yakima systems are available for this vehicle and both companies offer a lifetime warranty on their products.   We are excited about these systems for this vehicle.  This photo shows a Thule Rapid Aero bar set up with permanently installed, custom 72 in Thule tracks carrying the  quick release towers (Thule 430R Rapid Tracker Foot Pack ).  The system is one of the easiest to put on and remove from the vehicle due to the Tracker II towers’ push-bottom operated quick release mechanism.  By mounting just to the inside of the factory drip rails, we have made the overall appearance of the rack very sleek and integrated into the look of the vehicle.  This rack has an adjustable bar spread that allows the end user to easily carry a canoe one day and bikes the next.  Pictured is the Thule 689USBXT Spirit 1600 Black.  It’s a low profile cargo box offering 16 cubic feet of storage (that’s 1.5 cubic feet more than the capacity of the trunk on a Honda Accord sedan).  It makes and excellent all-purpose cargo box combining the finest materials and technology available today.  This is the ultimate roof rack for your Volvo Wagon.  Just think about large-SUV cargo capacity with the driving experience only a car can deliver.  Sweet.

2009 Mercedes-Benz GL Thule Rack and Spirit Cargo Box

8 03 2009
Mercedes GL Thule Rack, Spirit Cargo Box, Ski Rack

Mercedes GL - Thule Spirit Box

This 2009 Mercedes-Benz GL is outfitted with the latest and best roof rack technology to carry 7 passengers and all their gear.  This Benz has Thule 450R Rapid Crossroad towers with Thule RB53 53 Inch Rapid Load Bars.  This base system has the strength to carry 165 lbs of weight on the roof, and has the durability of being aluminum, lasting forever without rust.  Adding the Thule 689B Spirit Black Cargo Box gives the possibility of getting 16 cubic feet worth of gear out of the vehicle and securely locked on the roof.  It can also be used as a ski box to keep your equipment completely out of the elements.  This box attains all of these features as well as being reinforced with bracing bars in the construction of the box. The Spirit is only 14 inches tall off the top of the crossbar, so you have less worry for low clearance areas you may encounter.  The rack still has room to attach the Thule 91724 Universal Flat Top 4 ski rack, in the case you need to use the cargo box for luggage and stillneed a place for your ski’s.  This Mercedes is ready to move a whole family and more up the mountain for a ski trip, or cross country for a road trip.  Make sure you travel comfortably and in style in this 2009 Mercedes-Benz GL by using the vehicle to its full capacity.


2009 Mercedes-Benz GL - Thule Rack System

Yakima Roof Rack with Yakima SkyBox Pro 16 on Chrysler 300

7 03 2009
Room for four and gear
Chrysler 300 – Yakima Roof Rack

With the Chrysler 300, you not only get all-wheel drive, but style and a Hemi. When taking long road trip, you would want to consider the passengers and the space in the vehicle. Not only do you have the trunk space, but now you can have more space on top with more gear. In the picture you can see a Yakima SkyBox Pro 16 , Yakima Control Tower, Yakima Landing Pad 7, and also Yakima 48 inch Cross Bars. With this particular set up we permanently installed the landing pads to the roof of the vehicle. After securing the landing pads on the roof, we installed the control towers directly on the landing pads. The towers are very easy to take on and off your vehicle. With its quick release feature you can put your rack on in a matter of seconds.  The most obvious thing to notice about this picture is the cargo box. Not only can you put ski’s in the cargo box, but other things as well. You can place camping gear, golf bags, baby stroller, and anything to make your traveling more comfortable. The SkyBox Pro 16 is very easy to operate and has many features. The box opens on both side for easy access and very easy to put on your vehicle and take off. The shell of the box is very sturdy and will handle all kinds of weather. One of the best features of this box is its security. The cargo box does lock on both sides to keep all your belongings safe and secure at all times. Not only do you have top of the line products on your vehicle, but you will be comfortable and you will be driving in style.

Thule Boxter

6 03 2009
Thule 611 Boxter

Thule 611 Boxter

Now available in stores and online is the Thule 611 Boxter.  This box represents the best of all worlds wrapped up in one cargo box.  It’s massive 18 cubic feet of storage (4 cubic feet larger than the trunk on a new Honda Accord Sedan) will hold plenty of gear.  It’s low profile is easy on your fuel mileage as it sits less than fifteen inches above your rack’s load bars.  It has dual side opening for easy access to the mounting hardware as well as all of your cargo.  Thule uses one of the most streamlined mounting systems available today.  Each mount uses one large knob to open and close the mechanism.  If you can open/close a jar of peanut butter, you are ready to mount a Thule box on your roof.  The mounting hardware is integrated into the box so there are no parts to lose while the box is off the car.  The Thule 611 Boxter also comes with steel tie down points inside and a cloth cover for storing the box in your garage with out worry.  Also, take a look at the Thule 571 Roof Box Storage Lift if you have limited room to store a cargo box.   There you have it.  Ease of use, sleek design, huge capacity, good looks and ultra high quality all in one product.  Please take a look at this product on a customer’s Jeep Commander below.

Jeep Commander with Thule 611 Boxter

Jeep Commander with Thule 611 Boxter


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