Lexus LS 600HL Track System

9 07 2011

Most sedans on the road these days come without factory roof racks. Here at Rack Attack that is no problem. We can install factory track systems that attach directly to the sheet metal of your roof. Both major brands can be integrated into this track to hold accessories. This customer did a lot of traveling and needed extra room for his cargo. We decided to go with a Yakima track system. We used Thule 42 inch tracks. We can attached these track to pretty much anything. We also used the Yakima control towers and Landing Pad 1’s .  Installing a track system gives you full control of your rack. You can adjust your bar spread at any time and also take your bars off at any time. The track has a clean factory appeal. After the initial set up his base rack system we discussed which box would be the most durable. We came to a conclusion, the Thule 611 Boxter. This box happens to be Thule’s most durable box on the market. It has been auto-ban tested to be waterproof, silent, and saves you the most MPG’s. It has 18 cubic feet of storage and can mount on to any vehicle with cross bars.  

Chevy 4500 Tow Truck Custom Roof Rack

13 04 2011

A customer came in with a Chevy 4500 tow truck. We wanted to install the easiest system to use. We also want a base rack system that can handle the weight. We decieded to go with a Thule base rack system. We used Thule Tk14’s430 tracker II footpack, 65″ Load bars, and lock cylinders 544. This is a versitile roof rack that we attach directly to sheet metal. This rack can hold 165lbs! Most factory roof racks can hold around 100lbs. This rack happens to be a quick disconnect tower.

594xt Side Arms

In the picture above we installed 3 wheel on bike carriers. The Thule 594xt Side Arm , this is Thules most stable wheel on bike racks. Thules side arm is very easy to get bikes on and off. It really takes you under a minute to load and unload most every bike on the road. The quick disconnect feature on the base rack system is also very easy to use. At the press of a button you can totally remove your base rack from your car, leaving behind the TK14’s (which are attached to the sheet metal.) Here at Rack Attack we are the rack experts. We sell and install Thule,Yakima,Whispbar, and Prorack. We Do stock all items! You can find us at 15600 W.Colfax Ave Golden Colorado Were open every Day Monday-Saturday (10-6) Sunday (12-5)          303-278-4999

Porsche Cayman Ski Rack by Yakima

29 04 2009

porsche-cayman-w-lps-and-fat-cat6021We might be bragging a little when we say we can rack almost any car on the road.   We’re serious.  If you drive it, we have a rack for it.  Case in point; the Porsche Cayman we put a Yakima ski rack on at the end of last year.  This rack features quick-diconnect towers that mate with a base mounting kit applied in the same way a factory rack attaches to a Subaru Outback.  You can have your cake and eat it too.  With a rack that can go on and off the car in one minute, you keep your vehicle’s stock appearance and still carry massive amounts of gear.  The system pictured on the Cayman features the Yakima Landing Pad 6 as the base, the Yakima Control Tower, Yakima 48 inch Cross Bars which were cut to fit the car’s narrow roof, Yakima 6 Pack SKS cores, a Yakima 32 Inch Fairing and the Yakima FatCat 4.  The system will carry up to four pair of skis or couple snowboards and a pair of skis.  The fairng keeps this rack very quiet. It can be configured to carry skis, bikes or a small cargo box.  This system can add a lot of practicality to a compact sports car.  The next time the wife puts the brakes on the purchase of a fine sporting automobile, show her this article.  At Rack Attack, we are here to help make your car do more for you.

Thule 971 Helium – Thule Hitch Mount Bike Racks

31 03 2009

Thule 971 Helium - Thule Hitch Mount Bike RacksNow available Online and in stores is the Thule 971 Helium.  It is an ultra-alight, aluminum constructed hitch mounted bike rack.  As the most progressive rack manufacturer in the world, Thule has addressed one of the major issues people voice about hitch mounted bicycle racks: WEIGHT.  Weighing in at approximately half the competitions’ weight, the Thule 971 Helium is much easier to put on and take off your vehicle.  The aluminum construction presents other benefits besides the weight savings.  Even after years of abuse, aluminum will never rust.  It doen’t even need paint!  The Helium also presents a major step forward in usability for all cyclists.  It installs on the vehicle without tools.  Simply by turning one locking knob at the base of the rack, it can be installed or removed in just a minute.  The Helium can hold up to three bikes and is also available in a smaller, lighter two bike version (Thule 970 Helium) as well.  For those bothered by the heft of traditional hitch mounted bike racks,  The Thule Helium is your solution.  Visit for more information.

Yakima and Thule Upright Bike Carriers for Roof Racks

13 03 2009
Doesn't scratch you bike
Thule Upright

Here at Rack Attack, we offer the best product for your needs. At times it may get tedious to remove your tire on your bike and then put up on a bike try. Why not leave the tire on. With the Thule 594 Sidearm you can leave the front tire on. This bike rack allows quik loading and will accommodate most bikes regardless of frame design, suspension, or wheel size. Also, another good poit about this bike rack is that it doesn’t come in contact with your bike frame. It will not scratch it, since it comes in contact with the front and rear tire. Our recommendation is to make sure you purchase with your bike rack is the Thule 512 2-pack Lock Cores. With the lock cores installed you will have security for your bike and the bike tray. Overall, a great product and you will be very satisfied with this upright bike carrier.

Great Quality Rack
Great Quality Rack

Don’t forget about the Yakima HighRoller. Yakima also offers a top of the line upright bike carrier. This bike carrier fits any tire size, from super-skinny road tires to big, bad 3-inchers, without adapters and wheels from 20 to 29 inches in diameter. Again this bike tray will not scratch the paint on your bike, since it also grabs the the front and rear tires. We do believe in security for all of our bike trays and it will be a great idea to also purchase Yakima 2 Pack SKS cores. To secure you bike and bike tray to the crossbars. The Yakima HighRoller will fit onto Thule, Yakima, and most factory bars with universal mounts. If your ready to hit the trails and travel in style, go ahead and give us a call and we will be more than happy to to set you up with only the best.

Custom Thule Rack on a 2008 Lexus IS 250

9 03 2009
One Of A Kind

One Of A Kind

Some people think you can’t rack a car because it will take away from the sporty look, we disagree. You can still have the sporty look on your vehicle and still have a top of the line roof rack. In the picture we went ahead and custom racked this Lexus IS 250. We set this customer with Thule 430R Rapid Tracker Foot Pack, Thule TK1 Tracker Kit 1, Thule RB43 43 Inch Rapid Load Bars, Thule 871XT Fairing, 2 Thule 517 Peloton, Thule 596 6-pack Lock Cores, and Thule TP42 42 inch Top-Track with Flare-Nuts .

When it comes to custom instalations, we did have to permanently install the tracks to the roof and apply all the other roof rack accessories. The Thule 430R Rapid Tracker Foot Pack conects to the Thule TK1 Tracker Kit 1 and then connected to the track. Here at Rack Attack, we like to give the customer some options when it comes to custom instalations.

Side Profile

Side Profile

Either we can do landing pads or lay tracks down. Tracks are similar to factory rack channels and they also possess the fact of having a multi-sport rack system. You can change the bar spread to different settings for whatever sport you into. Whether its biking or kayaking. You are more than welcome to do so.

As you can see in the photo, we put 2 fork mount bicycle trays. The Thule 517 Peloton fits most disc brake and suspension combinations with standard 9mm axles and carries bicycles with wheelbase up to 48 inches. After the bike trays are in position we put on the Thule 871XT Fairing. The fairing drastically reduces noise and resistance created by your rack. Highly recommended. Then we put in the locks on the rack and the bike trays for complete security. The customer at this point is good to go and have some fun with his new rack set up.
Usually, the install time on custom projects take us about 1hr to 2hrs. We guarantee our work here and we guarantee that you will enjoy it as well.


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