Chevy 4500 Tow Truck Custom Roof Rack

13 04 2011

A customer came in with a Chevy 4500 tow truck. We wanted to install the easiest system to use. We also want a base rack system that can handle the weight. We decieded to go with a Thule base rack system. We used Thule Tk14’s430 tracker II footpack, 65″ Load bars, and lock cylinders 544. This is a versitile roof rack that we attach directly to sheet metal. This rack can hold 165lbs! Most factory roof racks can hold around 100lbs. This rack happens to be a quick disconnect tower.

594xt Side Arms

In the picture above we installed 3 wheel on bike carriers. The Thule 594xt Side Arm , this is Thules most stable wheel on bike racks. Thules side arm is very easy to get bikes on and off. It really takes you under a minute to load and unload most every bike on the road. The quick disconnect feature on the base rack system is also very easy to use. At the press of a button you can totally remove your base rack from your car, leaving behind the TK14’s (which are attached to the sheet metal.) Here at Rack Attack we are the rack experts. We sell and install Thule,Yakima,Whispbar, and Prorack. We Do stock all items! You can find us at 15600 W.Colfax Ave Golden Colorado Were open every Day Monday-Saturday (10-6) Sunday (12-5)          303-278-4999

Dodge 2500 Truck rack

10 03 2011

Here at Rack Attack we can practically put a rack on anything. A customer came in with some old Yakima base rack Components, Control towers, Landing Pad 6 , 66inch cross bars, lock cores and a Yakima Skybox 16. We then discussed where this rack was going to go. We can mount racks directly onto the sheet metal above the cab, or we can drill through the bed. On a raised 2500 a cargo box on top of the cab will stick out quite a bit. So the customer decided the best way to go was in his bed. So this is when I got to work.  We discuss what he is going to be hauling to help me determine where I will place the rack. Cargo boxes, Skis and Snowboards, Bikes. By knowing that i determined a great spot to place his Base Rack. The Install is very simple. We attach the landing Pad 6’s straight through his truck rails. Then use Silicon to prevent water damage and rust. Next we attach the Control Towers and Cross bars. An hour later his truck is equipped with a base rack system that can hold around 165 Pounds! More than any factory base rack.

Pulmor Trailer Custom Rack

15 04 2009

pulmor-trailer1Popular among campers and hunters, the Pulmor trailer series can now serve you better than ever.  Using one of Rack Attack’s many custom rack options, you can now carry items much larger than the internal capacity of the trailer.  Using either the Thule 430 Tracker II Foot Pack with  Thule LB58 58 Inch Load Bars and Thule TK13 Tracker Kit 13 or the Yakima Control Tower with Yakima 58 inch Cross Bars and Yakima Landing Pad 6 as a base rack system, the trailer now has the capacity to carry up to 5 bicycles or 4 kayaks or one canoe.  Rack attack offer flexible mounting solutions to tailor the rack to your carring needs.  Visit us in-store so your Pulmor can pull more.

Thule 971 Helium – Thule Hitch Mount Bike Racks

31 03 2009

Thule 971 Helium - Thule Hitch Mount Bike RacksNow available Online and in stores is the Thule 971 Helium.  It is an ultra-alight, aluminum constructed hitch mounted bike rack.  As the most progressive rack manufacturer in the world, Thule has addressed one of the major issues people voice about hitch mounted bicycle racks: WEIGHT.  Weighing in at approximately half the competitions’ weight, the Thule 971 Helium is much easier to put on and take off your vehicle.  The aluminum construction presents other benefits besides the weight savings.  Even after years of abuse, aluminum will never rust.  It doen’t even need paint!  The Helium also presents a major step forward in usability for all cyclists.  It installs on the vehicle without tools.  Simply by turning one locking knob at the base of the rack, it can be installed or removed in just a minute.  The Helium can hold up to three bikes and is also available in a smaller, lighter two bike version (Thule 970 Helium) as well.  For those bothered by the heft of traditional hitch mounted bike racks,  The Thule Helium is your solution.  Visit for more information.

Thule Revolver

18 03 2009
Full Access

Full Access

The Thule 964 Revolver4 bike hitch allows you to transport your bikes without giving up the convenience of full rear vehicle access. This particular hitch mount bike rack will carry up to 4 bikes and will only fit into a 2 inch receiver. The Revolver does swing away from your vehicle so you may access your trunk in full with out taking off the bikes. It has maximum bike security integrated locking cable that is stored conveniently in carrier and the Thule Snug Tite 2 Lock to lock the hitch mount bike rack to the hitch. Also, don’t forget about your Thule 982 Frame Adapter for Bike Racks. This will work for the crazy different frames on bikes.  All in all, a fantastic hitch mount bike rack that will accommodate your needs.


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