Porsche Cayman Ski Rack by Yakima

29 04 2009

porsche-cayman-w-lps-and-fat-cat6021We might be bragging a little when we say we can rack almost any car on the road.   We’re serious.  If you drive it, we have a rack for it.  Case in point; the Porsche Cayman we put a Yakima ski rack on at the end of last year.  This rack features quick-diconnect towers that mate with a base mounting kit applied in the same way a factory rack attaches to a Subaru Outback.  You can have your cake and eat it too.  With a rack that can go on and off the car in one minute, you keep your vehicle’s stock appearance and still carry massive amounts of gear.  The system pictured on the Cayman features the Yakima Landing Pad 6 as the base, the Yakima Control Tower, Yakima 48 inch Cross Bars which were cut to fit the car’s narrow roof, Yakima 6 Pack SKS cores, a Yakima 32 Inch Fairing and the Yakima FatCat 4.  The system will carry up to four pair of skis or couple snowboards and a pair of skis.  The fairng keeps this rack very quiet. It can be configured to carry skis, bikes or a small cargo box.  This system can add a lot of practicality to a compact sports car.  The next time the wife puts the brakes on the purchase of a fine sporting automobile, show her this article.  At Rack Attack, we are here to help make your car do more for you.

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